About Dr. Ivan

Observation. Reason. Human Understanding. Professionalism.

Dr. Aurelian S. Ivan, a Board Certified, Internal Medicine physician and a Fellow in the American College of Physicians, has been practicing in Illinois since 2011. After attending medical school, he dedicated three years to Molecular Biology research at Temple University, Philadelphia. He completed an internal medicine residency program at Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

Following residency, Dr. Ivan and his family moved to Illinois, where he joined one of the oldest hospitalist programs in the Midwest, at Rockford Memorial Hospital (currently Mercy Health). As an assistant professor of clinical medicine, he teaches UIC medical students and internal medicine residents what he cherishes most: keen observation and reasoning, advocacy for fellow humans and professionalism. Dr. Ivan is part of the medical staff at Northwestern Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, IL. He continues to update his online free medical dictionary a few times a year as he has done since 1999.

Dr. Ivan lives in Arlington Heights, IL with his wife and two children.

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